1. What are your hours?

9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

2. What are your rates?

Our current hourly rates are $375 for Paul Sanderson and $200 for Paul Irvine. We also provide many services on flat rates. Contact us for an estimate.

3. What are your payment terms?

Payment terms can vary, but typically we ask for a retainer which is payable into the firm's trust account prior to commencing work on your behalf. Once the work is performed, the fees and disbursements are billed and the money removed from trust to pay the bill when rendered.

In some cases installment payments can be arranged.

We accept payments by credit card (Visa and Matercard), cheque, cash or email interac transfer.

4. What is pro bono work and do you engage in it?

Pro bono work is work done on a no charge, no fee basis. Such work is typically done in the not-for-profit and charitable field. The firm does not typically engage in pro bono legal work per se, but individuals in the firm are involved in many volunteer activities on a pro bono basis.

5. How long should an initial consultation be?

Most consultations take place within an hour.

6. How long in advance do I need to book an initial consultation?

The time can vary based on the immediacy of the legal issue involved, however in most routine cases, a day or two in advance is sufficient, depending on scheduling priorities.

7. Can I choose who I will meet with during my initial consultation?

Who you choose to meet from the initial consultation and who you work within the firm is your choice.

8. Is there parking at your office?

Yes there is free parking on Kingston Road outside of our office up to 4 PM and at any time on the side streets for up to three hours.

9. What is the closest subway station to your office?

Main Street on the Bloor- Danforth line.

10. Can I get to your office by bus or streetcar?

Our office is a short 5 min. bus ride south from the Main Street subway station.

577 Kingston Road
Suite 303
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4E 1R3

telephone : +1 (416) 971-6616
facsimile : +1 (416) 971-4144

email : info@sandersonlaw.ca